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PT Cakrawala Energi Nusantara hereinafter referred to CENTRA was establised in Jakarta based on Deed of Establishment : Notarial document  Muchlis Patahna., SH., MKn. Number 6 Year 2011 as Perseroan Terbatas.

As a private company, we specialize in the field of New & Renewable Energy, Energy Conservation and Telecommunication Infrastructures. We pay attention to  development concepts of new energy and renewable energy based on natural resources. To support the development of New & Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation, CENTRA recommend and provide the best technology options that support environtment-friendly energy in order to achieve energy availability.

Our company pioneered the energy investment cooperation between local goverments with local dan foreign investors, and initiates the interconnection model of cooperation between PLN, private companies, state enterprises, enterprises in order to balance the electricity needs for the manufacturing, transportation, housing and office with the current availability of energy supply.

In 2012, Along with the development of the company, PT. Cakrawala Energi Nusantara expands its business in the field of Telecommunication Network Infrastructure Development Services, especially on Fiber Optic Infrastructure & Installation Services for telecommunication network.

In 2017, CENTRA developed its business in trading. CENTRA is the sole distributor for elevators, elevators and travelators for EITA Schneider Malaysia and German. CENTRA offers products for building transportation which are safe, comfortable and can be customized to the customer’s desires. CENTRA offers a variety of escalators & travelators, each designed to suit the traffic and to move people safely.

With the ability and experience based on the company’s strategic values, we believe in standardizing the quality of consulting and technology services, able to support the development of your company.